Nasty thoughts

Hmmm... just sitting here thinking about it, and I am turned on by the thought of his cock in my ass.


For me, it's the thought of him wanting it so bad inside my ass. I love when he goes down on my clit and licks me until I cum and then he slathers it all over my ass. But what I like most, is when he first allows me to suck his ass and cock and get him excited. I chose to do this first, because I want him to know how good it feels when he's inside me and how I want him to be inside my ass.

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First Time's the Charm

The first time that I had anal sex was the first time I had sex.

It was a Saturday night, my boyfriend call me to go over to his place and go swimming in his private pool. Since I had nothing to do, I said sure.

After we swam for an hour or so, I told him that I need to wash up and get change. So I went to his big, huge bathroom, and was washing. Suddenly he came in and said that he wanted to wash me, that sounded like fun so I said yes.


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Woman on top

My wife had tried anal sex with a previous lover. He never got further than the tip. She said it hurt and she was afraid to try again. We had been dating for only about 2 months and had talked about it, so she finally got curious enough to want to try again.

I knew better than to rely on porno movies for position technique. The woman has to feel safe during anal sex to be able to relax enough to enjoy it. I knew that her on top would accomplish that. She would feel in control and i could stimulate her clitoris and also play with her very sensitive nipples.

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Pure anal

I walked into the bedroom and you were standing there naked. I walked to you, feeling myself harden as my eyes took in your naked body. You kissed me fully on the mouth. Our tongues slowly moving in each other's mouth. You broke away from the kiss and began unbuttoning my shirt. You pulled my shirt off and then dropped to your knees. You looked up at me and smiled and then began unbuttoning my jeans. You pulled them down and I stepped out of them.

Still on my knees you took my hard dick into your mouth. You slowly slid the entire length of my cock deep in your throat. Your hands cupping my balls and squeezing them gently. You pulled my cock from your mouth and sat me on the edge of the bed. You then began to suck my dick again with slow deep strokes. My hands were in your hair pulling you to me trying to push more of my dick inside of you. I began to moan and you could tell I couldn't last too much longer. You began to move faster, sliding my dick out of your mouth until just the head remained inside of you, and then you would slide me deep in your throat. With one final thrust I exploded deep in your throat. You continued to suck on me until each drop of cum was sucked out of me.

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DP for me...

I started having sex when I was 15, but it wasn't until my senior year of high school that I really started experimenting.

Me, my boyfriend, his best friend, and his girlfriend decided we were going to do a foursome, just having sex with our partners and watching the other couple. None of us had done anything like it before but we were all into the idea. And after downing the better part of a bottle of rum, any lingering inhibitions any of us might've had were gone.


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